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If you’ve been looking for electronic cigarettes this is the right place to come.

We’ve shopped around for top quality and reputable companies in which to purchase this amazing new technology, and narrowed it down to just a few.

Our criteria?

  • Ships from the United States
  • Service available by phone
  • Money back refund policy
  • Minimum 1 year battery warranty
  • Ships in under 48 hours

The e-cigarette is growing in popularity, and demand to the point that vendors are running out of stock trying to keep up with their customers’ needs.

Scam artists are popping up all over the web, in some cases taking peoples money for “trial units” then adding unauthorized charges to their credit card.

This site has tested several vendors, and continues to work in partnership with other ecig industry watchdogs to make sure you NEVER get taken for a ride through our site.

Our goal here is to keep you informed on up-to-date news about e-cigarettes and add ONLY trusted vendors to our list, for your shopping convenience.

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